7 Christmas Gifts for the Last-Minute Shoppers

Christmas is right around the corner (4 days away!) which means if you haven’t already gotten all your gift shopping done, then you should probably get at it. Nobody wants to be standing in line at the mall on Christmas Eve. You’ll be grumpy and disappointed that what you wanted to get, is all out of stock (shocker), and the employees will be annoyed at said disappointment.  Just a lot of grumpiness in one place which is no way to spend Christmas Eve.

So with Christmas being so close, I’ve collected some great last-minute gifts that are thoughtful and a huge hit with anyone! Check them out below.

1. Hot Chocolate in a Jar

This gift is cute and adorable! Plus, it involves things that you can most likely find around the house! Grab a mason jar, fill it with powder sugar, hot chocolate mix, crushed candy canes, marshmallows, and whatever else you like in hot chocolate. Finish it off with a bow and a card and you got yourself a pretty aesthetically pleasing gift. Made in ten minutes and will forever be remembered in the heart.

2. A Book

It may seem simple, but it is a really thoughtful gift! Even if they aren’t a reader, there is something for everyone. It’s a nice gesture when you give someone the gift of your favorite book or spend time looking for something they would like. From poetry books to fiction, to coffee table books,  this gift is universal.

TIP: Don’t go to Barnes and Noble on Christmas Eve. The workers will not sympathize with you when you find out they don’t have the book you want. If you do go on Christmas Eve, be very, very, very nice to them. They deal with a lot.

3. Mug

Another simple gift, but al universally loved by all. Mugs are the ultimate gift and something that everyone likes to receive. Just go to Target, TJ Maax, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc. and pick out a unique and fun mug that matches the personality of the person you are giving it to. Add some candy to it, maybe a gift card, and you’ve got yourself a pretty cute gift.

4. Cookies

Everyone likes cookies. Why not give the gift of sugar this year? You can make a large quantity, put them in cute Christmas bags, and send them off.

5. Card

Make someone a card! Grab your paints and blank pieces of paper, turn on Netflix, and make some cute Christmas cards. With handwritten notes going nearly extinct, a simple homemade card is thoughtful and unique. You can add a gift card to it if you want to, but sometimes, just some kind words and wishes are enough.

6. Coffee

Give the gift of caffeine and take your friend out for some coffee and community. Spending time with people is the best gift and they will appreciate it so much. Plus, who doesn’t love free coffee?


Everyone loves candles! Especially ones from Bath and Body Works.  If you need to quickly snag one just head to TJ Maax, Bath and Body Works, Target, Walmart, etc. It’s a sure winner. Especially for the moms and college students out there.