7 Apps That Every Blogger Needs to Find Success


I’ve been getting tons of questions on what apps I use, and what editing techniques I use. So while I love to talk to you guys, it’s easier to just write it all down in one post for reference! I love finding new apps to help make my life a little easier between posting and marketing my writing. While some find it all a hassle and a waste of time, I actually love creating content for marketing and creating new ways to get the word out! So without further ado, here are some of the best apps, that any blogger needs to find success!

1. Snug

A friend of mine actually recommended this one to me. It’s basically an app that allows you to look at your Instagram feed and see how your future photos will look together! It’s great if you want to keep a cohesive theme and don’t know how a photo will complement it. It does cost a small fee of two dollars (I think, don’t quote me on that), which is less than a cup of coffee! Through this app, I can plan future posts, organize photos, and see what photos work and not. I think I’ve probably sent my friends a dozen next messages of screenshots asking them which grid version they like best!

2. Canva

Canva is great for anything. Whether you need a Pinterest cover for your blog post or an Instagram Story advert, it’s perfect. You choose a template for whatever platform you want, throw in your photos, add your text, and you are good to go. I love using it for my stories to market my articles! It creates a clean and cute layout that will have any person clicking the “link in bio.”

3.  VSCO

It may be just me but I absolutely love VSCO. It took me a while to find the type of filters and edits, but once I did, it was easier than ever. VSCO is a photography-posting and editing app but for me, it stores my edited photos and lets me go back and re-edit them, re-download, etc. I love to keep my photos up and edit them all through VSCO, using the same editing style, and having them saved on the app so I can always go back and fix them up if I need to.

To answer the question on how I edit my photos… well it’s by no means fancy. I’m not a pro photographer, and nor am I proficient in Lightroom or Photoshop. I literally go into VSCO and do the same thing over and over:

  • Filter A6
  • -1 Exposure
  • Sometimes a little contrast, depending on the photo.
  • -2 Saturation
  • +5 Highlights
  • +1 Temperature

And that’s it. Feel free to copy it, but it is fun to explore the app and find your own editing style that will fit your theme and who you are as a person.

4. Hype Type

One of my more latest finds, this app is tons of fun! Do you have a new blog post up? An announcement to make? Use Hype Type! You edit the background, add in what you want to say, choose the animations, and it creates a memorable Instagram Story! I use it a lot to promote articles that I write and love to play around with it. It’s one of those apps that gives you those little details that make your account great. And it’s not just for Instagram! You can post it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc! Great for marketing.

5. Ripl

Like Hype Type, Ripl provides the same features except in different ways. I have both on my phone if I want to mix it up and have different banners. Ripl is a bit more complicated but has more options for your photos and text, while Hype Type is more copy and paste. Between the two, it really just depends on what you want. I love them both!

6. Capture

This app is so much fun. It’s free in the App Store and lets you record your actions on your phone! That way, if you want to demonstrate how to access your blog, or enter a contest, you can show your followers EXACTLY how to.

7. Influenster

This app lets you review products and get the chance to get free boxes of things to review! Just sign up, total up your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, etc. and start reviewing. It all depends on activity/follower count, but it’s a fun way to try out products and get your name out there!

What are your favorite apps to use? Any favorites on here? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram!